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: Letter to advertisers, 7-7-09
: Kat July 07, 2009, 07:24:55 PM
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July 7, 2009

To: Advertisers of ABC News, June 24, 2009

CC: ABC News executives

Your participation in the June 24, 2009, mega-thon propaganda program on ABC regarding ObamaCare, the government-run health care program has forced an issue that has long been brewing. That is, the boycotting of all advertisers on the biased news networks.  We are tired of their biased, one-sided news and deception by omission.

Items never mentioned on the mainstream media:

  • Mr. Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro runs around the globe spouting apologies for the behavior of Americans.
  • We have a failing economy & a usurper in the oval office who is ramming socialism down the American citizen's throats, at warp-speed.
  • He is pushing trillions of dollars of debt and hurdling it into decades to come.
  • He covered Christian symbols and placards in order to speak at Georgetown University.
  • He had the most expensive inauguration in history.
  • He has communist/socialist friends and mentors.
  • He is advancing a costly and massive government expansion with the programs on his agenda.
  • He sabotaged Las Vegas, NV's economy with his comments about conventions. He refuses to apologize to the governor or mayor there. They are livid!
  • The “100 Days in Office” poll, from around the country, scored an “F” rating in every one I saw.
  • The fraud and treason findings of the American Grand Jury, delivered to the White House and elsewhere in DC, June 29th, 2009.
  • The birth certificate/ineligibility issues regarding his presidency.
  • Report on the TEA Parties around the country
  • The massive and scandalous Cap & Trade bill, recently passed by Congress, in lieu of non-stop coverage of the death of a pedophile named Michael Jackson.

You are wondering reason I've listed the items above?  Our mainstream media (MSM), which includes: ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC & CNN all refuse to cover these topics and many other stories about our “God-like” usurper!

Therefore, since MSM refuses to cover these important issues, we, as AMERICAN CONSUMERS, have only one recourse, and that is:


We, as a group, realize this is the only way MSM will listen.  There is one exception to the biased reporting and that is FOX News. They are actually doing a fairly good job, on most issues.  

Our message to you, as an American business, if you advertise during a biased news program – your products will be listed on our new website – then, boycotted!

Please note: The American people are fed-up with our biased mainstream news sources. We are turning away from watching those programs. As a source of news, we are turning to radio talk shows, such as Rollye James, G. Gordon Liddy, Sean Hannity; online news, such as World Daily News and News With Views; and, live internet radio shows, such as Plains Radio Network, just to name a few.


Owner, (

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