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Author Topic: Email to the U.S. Census Bureau re: Vangent, Inc  (Read 2354 times)
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U.S. in Distress!

« on: September 24, 2009, 04:33:45 PM »

Greetings U.S. Census Bureau!
I read about Kathleen Willey's insider report working for the Cash for Clunkers program through Vangent, Inc. And, I've heard her on one radio talk show.  Then, I received this email about job positions available by Vangent to work for the U.S. Census -- 2010 Census. The dates of these positions is today, September 24, 2009.
Below is the email I received.  This has been turned into the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform through the Whistleblower Tipline, .

     One of the stories that popped out at me on the list of stories by World Net Daily (WND) was a report of rampant waste from the Cars for Clunkers program as reported by Kathleen Willey. I noticed it said she was hired by Vangent, Inc. of Arlington, VA. I did a search on Vangent and a lot of hits came up. One of them was "Health Care" jobs. I clicked on it and saw a whole lot of IT related health Care positions they are trying to fill with today as the listing date. .

Then I clicked on information on Vangent company info and it gave me a link for a pdf.
This company seems to be the contractor for the 2010 Census, and if you look at the address it is a UK company. I kept looking and was sent here: Down on the bottom I saw Parent Company : Veritas Capital Fund Ii, LP (what ever that means?)

If these are the same people that handled the fiasco that was the Cash for Clunkers program, our census is in deep trouble. A couple of questions come to mind.
1) Why is a capital fund company from NY overseeing our 2010 Census?
2) Why is a foreign UK company doing all the computer work and hiring for the cash for Clunkers and the Census? And now it seems that they are overseeing the Health Care program.

Seems like an investigation is in order of who authorized this and when. If we don't even have a health care bill, why are they hiring all these positions? Hmmmm??

Now, my questions to the Census Bureau are:
1) Why would the Census Bureau contract with a company (again) who has such a bad reputation?
2) Why isn't either Vangent or Veritas listed on the "Partners" list - HERE?
3) What are the Census Bureau's plans for continuing this partnership, now that this corruption has been revealed?
Here is the original World Net Daily news report on this fiasco:
Stung! Undercover celeb exposes Obama fiasco
'Milk it, baby It's free money': You won't believe what happens inside Cash for Clunkers operation -- HERE
HERE is one of the ads for a Temporary Census-Call Center Service Quality, Vangent, Inc, Greenbelt, MD.
HERE are quite a few Census jobs, posted by Vangent, on CareerBuilder.  All posted over the past few days.
Kat L.
cc/bcc: To those who need to know -- widespread distribution!

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