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Author Topic: Please read first ~  (Read 3505 times)
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U.S. in Distress!

« on: May 15, 2009, 12:55:29 PM »

Welcome to Biased Media Boycott Forum!

This site was established to put the national and local news entities, along with their advertisers, on notice that we are tired of their biased, one-sided news and deception by omission.

Here are just a few topics the Mainstream Media (MSM) are either biased, omit, or negatively cover:

  • The taboo topic of the ineligibility of Barack Obama, aka Barry Soetoro during the election and currently;
  • Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro's socialistic agenda and communist ties;
  • Ignore and denigrate the TEA Party protesters;
  • Report by a political party preference;
  • Ignore the mounting national deficit that Obama is causing with the exorbitant bailouts;
  • Report by personal opinion and commentary rather than reporting unbiased news;
  • Mock others who are not left-wing liberals;
  • Freeing terrorists, ie: USS Cole bomber, 911 terrorists and accomplices, into the United States
    or trying to pawn them off to other countries;
  • Chumming up to Communist Hugo Chavez or bowing to Saudi King Abdullah;
  • Building homes for Palestians;
  • Obama calling, fraternizing and making TV interviews with Muslims a priority;
  • GE's involvement in the future of socialized medicine;
  • And, numerous other topics -- come join us & write your own!

Other subjects worthy of boycotting:

  • Shows that have "big mouth" guests on, such as Perez Hilton and Wanda Sikes;
  • Products made in China;
  • Products from countries that do not abide by child labor laws

It is important that we notify the MSM ~ and ~ their advertisers that we are not happy with the content of their news.  We will REFUSE TO PURCHASE their products if they continue with their biased news.

Instead of turning off the TV and boycotting that way -- join forces with us and get active!
Write letters! ~ Call! ~ Boycott advertisers!

So, if you believe we are a nation in deep trouble & the news media is guilty of either biased, one-sided news or deception by omission, please jump in & LET'S BOYCOTT!

NOTE FOR CONTRIBUTORS: It is important that you place information you are contributing in the proper category and board. This will help others find information easily.

Have fun!

Note: Thanks Bryant and Mop for your contribution!

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We're boycotting advertisers on biased news media networks.

Congressional Progressive Caucus -VOTE THESE PEOPLE OUT! HERE!

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